Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Jonathan Bromberg
    University of Maryland
    Baltimore, USA
  • Anita Chong
    The Univeristy of Chicago
    Chicago, IL, USA
  • Fadi Issa
    Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences
    University of Oxford
    Oxford, UK
  • Maria Kaisar
    Nuffield Department of Surgical Science,
    University of Oxford
    Oxford, UK
  • Katja Kotsch
    Clinic for General and Visceral Surgery
    Charité - University Medicine Berlin 
    Berlin, Germany
  • Xunrong Luo
    Duke University Medical Center
    Duke Transplant Center
    Durham, NC, USA
  • Nina Pilat
    Medical University of Vienna
    Vienna, Austria
  • Leonardo Riella
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Harvard Medical School
    Boston, MA, USA

Societies Administrative Representatives

The Transplantation Society

Robert Colarusso
Director of Technologies
Catherin Parker
Scientific Program Manager

American Society for Transplantation

JoAnn Gwynn
Chief Development Officer
Jennifer Gillespie
Director of Meetings

European Society for Organ Transplantation

Giovanna Rossi
Senior Project Manager

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